Looking Forward

Two weeks ago I took this picture of “Chip” looking west towards the mountains.  I was out visiting my husband in Fort Collins while they were at their home-base for a week.  I came across it while cleaning up my phone this morning over coffee and as I looked at the image I captured it got me thinking of some things.  Here they are:

  • Life is one constant “Exit” from one experience to the next.  A person just needs only to be brave and believe/know it will work out the way it’s supposed to. 
  • Two weeks from tonight my not so little, little boy Jake will graduate high school.  {I don’t want to talk about it. Ha.}
  • I love storms in the Rockies.
  • I love storms anywhere…as long as tornadoes aren’t included. 
  • I miss my husband but he’ll be here in eight days. 
  • In eight days I will be….more. 
  • I never thought I’d adore a spotted dog again as much as the now long gone Miss Michelob dog but the one here in Indiana, King, is the highlight of everyone’s day. 
  • For me, the very best view has to include a mountain or my boy. 
  • There’s never been a place I’d rather be on a rainy/stormy day than in a barn with the horses. 
  • I miss pine trees. 
  • Looking forward is easy if you’re confident in what you’re leaving behind. 

11 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. Oh I love this post……………you’re right about “looking forward”……when you look back and see that it’s been a pretty danged good ride so far, it makes you realize there may be a whole lot more of that good stuff ahead. Easier to let go – move on, etc. I love that photo of King – he’s gorgeous and that view – I can ALMOST smell the fresh air – that special electricity in the air when it’s going to rain……………………..hang in there – that graduation will be tons of fun – I promise you!

    Hugs, Pam


    1. Thank you Pam. It’s been a wonderful ride and though it’s not over it will be just less people in the “car”! ;) Ha ha.
      Lots of adjustments up and coming. That’s life…and life really is good!
      Hugs back,


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