Three Days

Seems like last time I posted we were Pre-Graduation, Pre-Grad Party and Pre-Move Home to Idaho.  That’s all “post” now.  So how about a recap?!

I think so too!

May 29, Friday Night – Graduation

Jake had probably the best family turnout of anyone in the school with, if I counted right, eighteen relatives present for Graduation Ceremonies.  Pretty cool.

Happy parents. Happy boy.

May 30, Saturday Night – We threw him a party



In the early stages of planning last Fall it began to take on an airplane theme so we, my Aunt and I mainly, ran with it.

Me n Jake

For food we had grilled hotdogs with twelve different types of toppings, three different kinds of homemade salads, sliced fruit and homemade cookie bars and of course cake from our local bakery, The Blue Gate Bakery in downtown Shipshewana. For drinks we had:  Herbal Lemonade, soda pop and water.

The food was set up in my Aunt and Uncles garage with seating in the garage as well as on the covered wrap around porch.

Regarding the food…

A huge thank you to my Uncle Jim who stood pretty much in the rain to grill hot dogs (Oh yah, we had a good down pour) and to all the women in my family who made the food Happen!  Every one of you made it possible for Todd, Jake and I to enjoy our guests! And for that, we thank you so very much.

In the barn we rigged up a movie theater of sorts, complete with a huge assortment of candy and free standing popcorn machine we borrowed from the hangar where Jake works.

The movie Jake selected (back last Fall) was Disney’s “Planes” (or is that Pixar? Whatever, you know what movie that is; same people who did “Cars”).  We borrowed a digital projector and sound bar from yet another friend and cast the movie onto the back doors of the barn.

Have you ever seen a horse literally WATCH a movie or TV?  None of us had either!  Indy, my little bay Quarter Horse thoroughly enjoyed it.  I knew he wouldn’t be afraid but never expected him to stand there and watch and watch!  Silly horse. The other two horses of my Uncles were not as impressed and stood at the back of their stalls.  Maybe animated films just weren’t their thing. Not sure. Ha Ha.

On the other side of the barn, under the same roof, in the shop area, we set up a ring toss game, Cowboy Golf and a couple of Corn Hole toss games.  People could walk from the movie over to the games without going outside.  There’s also a full bathroom off the tack room.  We were clearly not left ‘wanting’.  It was so great we had access to this awesome space because otherwise, due to the rain, we’d not been able to set up the games out on the lawn or show the movie out there either.

*I know there’s pictures of the gaming area as my Mom was the Official Photographer for the whole entire time.  I’ve not been able to get with her to get the images as of yet…this is why I’m only posting pictures from everyone’s cell phones and Instagram accounts!  Mom, you got to know I will certainly be making a book with your photos!


Considering the rain we had, we had a great turn out for the party.


Yes, Thanks For Landing Here!  Huge THANK YOU to everyone who drove many, many miles or who drove just a few but braved the weather to come out and celebrate with us.  Who lent things and helped us set up and tear down.

You all ROCK!  Seriously, you do.

No way we could’ve pulled it off without everyone’s help.

May 31, Sunday – “Tear Down Day”

We were all so busy “busting a move” Sunday…Ha ha, sorry didn’t mean that…I don’t think there was a single picture taken of the tear down process.

My baby boy got this award on the day of graduation, at their Senior Breakfast. He handed it to me Sunday.  Little buggar.  I couldn’t help but notice that he waited till the festivities were over otherwise I would’ve added it to the “All About Jake” table.  You know the one.  The table where you have the graduates photo’s, accolades and such.

Well played Jake.  Well played.

June 1, Monday – Leave for Idaho

I know, Wham!  What was the hurry?  I’ll explain in the next installment.

This image was taken about 6 a.m. by my amazing Aunt Jan as Todd and I (and Indy!) drove out the driveway.  She posted it later in the day on Instagram saying something like:  this is what staying focused and following your dream looks like.  I was of course missing my boy and had been blubbering off like I knew I was going to do.  We were somewhere in Illinois or Iowa when I saw this picture and read her words.  I began to cry again but with happier tears.  I have felt better ever since.

Thank you Jan, and Jim too, for EVERYTHING.  But most of all Jan for this bit of wisdom which turns out was a revelation for me.  It was all such a whirlwind that what hadn’t really occurred to me yet was simply this:

Though I was leaving my very capable and responsible boy behind (much too quickly for my taste)…I had a truck again (Thank you sister for buying my car).  I had my very own, awesome horse trailer (Thank you Jim for the “lead”).  And I was going home.  Home to Idaho! …..Thank you husband!


7 thoughts on “Three Days

  1. Oh what a HAPPY post and update…….I know how proud you are of your “TALLEST” (tee hee) 2015 grad ribbon winner and just EVERYTHING about him and his future. What a fun party the family and friends put together for him – something he will forever remember. Then you pack up and off you go to continue following your dreams…….Idaho here you come………I’m so excited for all of you – heading off in pursuit of nirvana in your OWN ways!

    Love, Pam (and Sam)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pam, Hi.
      Yes he will forever remember and to think at one point, oh…long about early October, he was pretty sure he didn’t want a party. ;)
      We’re glad he changed his mind and I think maybe he is too!
      Happy Fourth of July!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a busy, wonderful, fun time! Love the party that you threw for Jake’s graduation (that cake is great!).
    And I love the pic of you and your hubby driving off to your dream. Look forward to future posts!


    1. Hi Dianna.
      That cake tasted so good and we had so much left over…Sure could use a piece of it right now with my hotel coffee! I heard Jake took it to the hangar and I’m guessing the crew there made short work of it!
      I’m so happy she took that picture of us driving out, it’s one of those Kodak Moments for sure!
      I look forward to being able to post and read more blogs now that “crazy time” is over. So far out here with the Budweiser hitch I’ve not made a lot of time for it. I tell you one thing, I’ve caught up on many Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s! :)


  3. Awww this is such a sweet post. Love the pictures of Jake, always smiling. But I have to tell you, the picture of you and Todd pulling the trailer with Indy and reading your Aunt Jan’s wise words choked me up and got me all teary too. And this is the second time I have seen this picture and read her words. I just wanted for all of you what you wanted and am happy for you all so much now… this summer and in the future. Jake’s cake… darling. And I love the paper airplanes that someone noticed on IG and I had to laugh! Best of luck to all of you and thanks for sharing your happy trails with us! OH! And such a sweet picture of the three of you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Pix!
      Ya, for a guy who wasn’t into having Senior pictures done, “walking” at graduation or having a party he sure pulled it off and maybe even surprised himself with how easy it all was to be the “center of attention”! He handled it all very well and yes, always with the big smile. I miss his smile.
      The lady at the Blue Gate who did the cake did such a great job and it tasted so good. It’s even better than I thought it was going to be. I took her in a picture of one of Jake’s favorite planes and …. Wah LA! Perfect.
      Those paper airplanes! A little known fact: I only sat and made those in the evenings while my boy and I binge watched The Office on NetFlix the month of April and May. For fun and cause I’m a bit of a smart-butt, every fifth paper airplane is a color print out of an aviation map of somewhere out West. When he noticed one night he said, “Hey! These are all places out West, very funny.” I said, “Jake, that way you can always find your way home to me!” He only smirked.
      As always, you guys make it fun to share, either here or on IG!


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