Wordless Wednesday 



11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 

  1. What a BEAUTIFUL sight to see……talk about “majestic” – that’s it. A perfectly framed, totally amazing photo of a hunk of the planet that takes ones’ breath away I’m sure. Thanks for showing it to us………sending hugs!

    Love, Pam and Sam

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  2. I love-love-love that photo!!!!! How very creative of YOU!

    I met Dennis McIntire-Best Way Tree Service this week!!!!!!!!!!! His father and son
    and himself took down and removed a giant cottonwood tree from my yard yesterday.
    He was great………what a cute guy!!!!!!! He said he dated YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh my…….!

    I also heard you are staying at the Stillwater ranch????????? If you visit the Parnell’s
    how about contacting us…….Bonnie and I would love to see YOU.

    Love ya much…….Dot-Dot

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    1. Thank you Dottie.
      Oh my, I’m not even gonna ask how my name came up but I will tell you he was always super cute and very sweet. Everyone loved Dennis. I see he’s still having the same effect on people! Not surprised. Not one bit.
      Love to see you guys too. Next time I know I’m coming out that way I’ll give you guys a call and see if you’re around!
      Ps. I just now remembered….It was Dennis that started calling me just “Dee”. ☺️


      1. dee………………it was Draft Horse show time and CUTE and SWEET Dennis
        recalled that YOU are involved with the Big Bud horses and mentioned your
        name…..asked if we know YOU……that is how it came down. He also
        mentioned that YOU were from Bonners Ferry….I did not know that.

        What I know about HIM is that he will be 50 Feb 2016……that he bought Dan
        Deshon’s Percheron farm on hwy 95 in Sagle. He installed a motorcross
        track there and LOVES it…….rides when he can with his son TJ. A big boy
        as in large……that works with him in the tree business as does his father.
        His Dad is 72…..also a wonderful person that helps out every day! Both the
        son and father do chain saw art……..BEDS AND BEARS!

        You must know that Dennis has been able to afford the very best equiptment
        in the county. They are very efficient…..they took down a 90 ft cottonwood
        for me in no time and hauled it away!!!!!!! Grandpa did all the chain saw work
        from a 90 ft bucket on their BOOM truck….an amazing process. Bonnie was
        the photographer and DENNIS made the day easy for me.

        I had to wait for him as he is sooooo busy but it was more than worth the wait!
        We homeowners here in Bonner County are taking down our BIG trees….due
        to the tornado type storms we have had. They come from the south, cross
        the lake and do major-major damage due to the WIND! I had a major lightening
        strike…due to the last storm we had and that was my wake up call that I had
        toooooo many BIG trees and was forced to do something about it!!!!!!! I had
        my back yard logged this summer by two fun fellows that did a great job!!!!!!
        I would highly recommend all of them……my new friends. The log truck
        driver sold my logs to the Stimpson company in Priest River and hand
        delivered my check…..amazing folks all of them. The log truck driver
        is a friend to Dennis also from Sagle…….my oh my……lucky me.

        Think about all this in your property search…….very important now where
        one locates……one area that is very beautiful is the Clark Fork valley. It
        has become a desirable place to live.

        Must close……..love ya. I have all the numbers for these fine gentleman!!!!!!!



        1. Thanks Dot I’ll keep that in mind and ya I’ve totally been been looking at Clark Fork area.
          Nope, not “from” Bonners Ferry (I’m from Sandpoint) but that’s where I was living last time I was living here at “home” (1998). We bought up there then because we could afford nothing in Sandpoint area when I came off the road from galavanting around the United States as a twenty something. Kinda running into the same issue again this time now that I’ve returned from the Midwest. Moral of the story: If ya like a place do not leave – dig in!


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