*We’ve had a big life change since the original “About” page below was written.  I’ve decided instead of rewriting it, I would leave it as is – a bit of history if you will.  I did however, want to add in this:

I’m an extremely happy North Idaho native that began my love of photography in the late 1980’s on a borrowed Pentax K1000. I’m a budding collector of vintage cameras, live an hour from the Canadian border in North Idaho, have a son in college studying Aviation Technology, have a Bay Quarter-Horse named Indiana CB Charger and I’m blessed to spend a great deal of time on tour with my husband who is back working on the West Coast Budweiser Clydesdale traveling team.

We’re originally from the West.  More specifically, the Northwest.

Back in 2006, while living in Shipshewana, Indiana, my husband Todd and I were given the choice to take a job in Northern Michigan, furthering our stay in the Mid-West, where we’d been for eight mountain-missing years, or take a different job back home in Idaho.  We, well actually, I heard a strong voice (it was totally God) saying , “Stay…for now”.  So we did.  And here we are, in this great little corner of what I lovingly call, “No-Where Northern Michigan”.

I think now, instead of living in the Mid-West, technically we are in the Northeast.  Not exactly moving my West-Missing-Mountains self in the correct direction but it looks more like ‘Home’ than most places we’ve lived in our twenty-plus years together so really, aside from the nearest Starbucks or any generic “Mocha Hut” for that matter being 120 miles away, it’s really not that bad.

My husband, with occasional help from myself and our teenage son, manages a private Clydesdale draft horse farm plus a hay/row crop operation.  We live right here on the place – and it’s gorgeous.  We continue to learn a great deal at this wonderful opportunity God has given us and we’re lovin’ every minute of it and trying to remember to when it gets a little tough.

I started this site as a way for me to document the weeks, months and years for ourselves but mainly as a way for us to keep in contact with our many old friends and family who, not a single one, live in this state.  The closest relatives are my husbands side of the family in Minnesota.  My family is as far north and west as Idaho/Montana and as far south as Southern California.  In addition, we have friends in just about every state in the Union thanks in part to Todd’s past jobs of being on both the West Coast Budweiser Clydesdale Hitch and the traveling Coors Belgian Hitch.

This ‘blog thing’ was truly the ticket for us.  On a quick side note, you’ll notice I am in no way whatsoever a writer as shown by my horrible punctuation in addition to other writing issues.  I do love photography though, very much and I am totally diggin’ the digital cameras over the old film variety I learned on.  Currently, I have a “point and shoot” that I continue to learn something new on all the time.

* Update:  As of 02/01/2011 I have a Nikon D90.  Occasionally, I still pack around my little Canon Powershot A540 because after one good year of making myself learn it, I now know how to make every single option on it work!

Like most anyone, I love sitting down and seeing that someone has left a comment but if you have nothing to say that’s fine too.  I do have the search engines blocked because I figured there weren’t too many people who would be interested in our day in and day out.  So, if you are here by invitation from me then you’re most likely friend or family and didn’t really need to read all this and if you are here because of a friend of a friend then…


22 thoughts on “About

  1. Just found your blog through Dianna above… love your photos.. and the clydesdales? breathtaking. I grew up in south west FL and we would go to Busch Gardens at least twice a year and we always had to stop and see the clydesdales first. I’ve always wanted to ride one.. I’ve had several horses growing up but would still love to fulfill that little girl dream and ride a clyde one day! I love blogging and knowing that I’m just a click away to discovering the next new and exciting thing! so glad I came across your blog!


  2. I saw a reply on Dianes website, this is awesome. Grew up in Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. You are living the dream, thanks for sharing


  3. i’m so glad you have found this life – for however long you stay there. sounds like your hubby is a draft horse expert. i saw the birthday post you did of him. just wonderful.


  4. Hi Friends,

    How many acres do you live on, how many Clydes and

    what is the name of your town…..I want to look for it on the

    map. I am thrilled that you are haying….we are the coolest

    as in cold, the wettest as in WET and no way can the trucks

    drive into the fields….toooo soggy. Late hay production this


    Dot in Idaho


    1. Hi ya Dot.
      There are 29 Clydes here, ten of which go out on the road and hit anywhere from six to eight shows a year. The rest are “the blessed farm horses”.
      The home place is 90 acres and the farm either owns or leases the rest in hay and row crop ground…like corn, soy beans, sometimes wheat and oats too. With two cuttings the hay totals 1000 ton each year…give or take and depending on the year.
      We too are thrilled to be haying! Weather is in our favor for now.
      Hope it stops raining for you soon!


  5. I am in awe of your header photo of the horses. Just gorgeous! Very impressed! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, I have to say, you write very well and are a pretty amazing photographer. I have a Canon xsi and fell in love with it. I finally caved and bought a sweet nifty-fifty lens and photography is something I love to play around with…although I won’t ever be nearly as good as you!


    1. Thanks a bunch. Love YOUR current header too!
      Me? Write very well? Ha! But thank you just the same. You’re flat out gifted.
      Regarding the photography, I really like the challenge of trying to capture what it is I’m seeing or take it one (or two) steps further in photoshop…it’s just plain fun.
      Thank you for stopping by here Maineiac!


      1. The header on your site is really beautiful – Not sure how I found your WordPress site, was certainly amazed how grand the Clydesdales really are.

        I have enjoyed browsing around in your photography and posts, find them beautiful and interesting.

        I decided to follow! thank you for sharing…

        David in Maine USA


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